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Storage Tanks
Commercial Propane provides many services pertaining to LP (propane) and NH3 (ammonia), and our specialized services include installing, upgrading, and preparation of removal of storage tanks of all sizes. 
CPS installs and services all varieties of vaporizers, including Alternate Energy, Ransome, and Algas vaporzers/mixers.
Propane Bobtail Trucks
We service and repair bobtail trucks, including pressure tests (every 5 years), and visual (anually). We also provide meter proving and calibration. 
Bulkplants and Grain dryers
We provide complete installation of all types of LP systems, including grain dryers, chicken houses, hog barns, and many more agricultural related systems.
Parts and Repair
We repair vaporizers, propane/anhydrous ammonia pumps and compressors.
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